What is the Urban Row Photography Experience?

caren + jan wedding

It celebrates the meaningful elements of your love story in a candid and dynamic way.

It’s creative, vibrant and filled with optimism for what’s to come…!

There’s nothing quite like being a part of the excitement of watching two people who are madly in love, start their life together among their closest friends and family. Seriously, I don’t think there is another job that allows you to be a part of so many joyous celebrations and feel so creatively fulfilled all at once!


Before hiring any photographer, you should become familiar with their style and personality. I’ve been incredibly lucky to see what strong marriages and deep bonds do for a family, a community, and an outlook on life (I’m totally a glass half full kinda person if you couldn’t already tell!).

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My photographs employ the use of candid, photojournalistic compositions, bold color, pattern and texture, and last but not least, a level of patience in waiting for the shot (my 2 littles keep me on my feet!), while at the same time, anticipating your next move and being ready to capture it. I shoot with a Canon full frame camera and a variety of professional prime lenses that allow me to get in close when need be, but more often than not, to be able to keep my distance to encourage those incredible candid moments to unfold!!


I want you to not only remember the dress you wore when you said “I do”, but I want you to remember the look of anticipation on your face while gazing out the window of the bridal suite… when your mom helped you button up the back while your sister adjusted the clasp on your necklace and then poured you another mimosa (because, why not!); your groom had no idea how amazing his life was about to become with you as his…

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I believe the relationship you have with your photographer is directly reflected in the emotion visible in your photos.

Your wedding photographer is the one vendor who you’ll spend the most time with throughout your wedding day (it’s true!). I’m invested in truly getting to know you both throughout the planning process, so that by the time you’re reciting your vows, it feels like I’m a friend in a fancy dress who happens to have a camera.

While we’re together, my main goal is making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s that simple – that’s when the most genuine emotions, expressions and feelings are easily captured! You might be nervous and start thinking things like “I’m not really sure what to do or where to look…” – I know, don’t worry about that! I promise to make you comfortable and look your best if you focus on being in love… I’ll do the rest. 😉

I grew up with a younger sister who can finish my sentences and married into a family with 6 boys (yep, my husband has 5 brothers and I have no idea how my mother-in-law stayed sane!). big bridal party? lets do it. small, intimate gathering? nothing sweeter. siblings and family that love to make you laugh? heck yeah.

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My background and education is in architecture + design. My passion is in visual storytelling.

Do you know what studying light, shadow, materiality, details and strong geometry + composition does for your senses? It heightens them all. It means I scrutinize the settings I photograph in, quickly. Assessing the best light, the most flattering color tones and the most compelling backdrop for you to whisper to each other before you’re even aware of me being there and ready, is key.

marypat jonathan wedding

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I love a tasty glass of bubbly, exploring historic cobblestone streets together in Baltimore, collaborating with talented artists and combining my professional expertise and local network, with your vision.

I don’t take my role lightly! Your time is incredibly valuable; I respond thoughtfully and succinctly to questions as quickly as possible, to allow you to focus on the exciting and fun aspects of wedding planning (there are enough details to stress over, photography should not be one of them!). I’m happy to recommend vendors that I think will be a good fit for your style, location and budget.



My favorite way to learn about you as a couple, is to meet up for coffee or wine (or brunch?!) to hear how you first met… and your proposal story… and all the reasons why you fell in love with your venue… and how he loves your sassy sense of humor but your favorite trait of his is the way he quietly weighs each decision and grabs your hand to make sure he has your full attention when he asks what kind of ice cream you want for dessert. 😉

caren + jan wedding

Authenticity and joy are what I want to leave you with after every phone call, meeting and photoshoot we spend together… cameras can take good photographs, but trustworthy “friendors” (aka wedding vendors that become your friends!) capture unforgettable moments that are destined to become the legacy you’ll pass onto your grandchildren one day!


….here’s to making those memories together, xoxo

I’m currently booking 2019 and a limited number of remaining dates for 2018… I’d love to meet up and congratulate you in person! 🙂