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patterson park + fells point engagement | lauren + matt | baltimore wedding photographer

All of my couples have such personality and fun-loving stories, but I can’t get over how much Lauren and Matt have in common with each other (and with me)… making it so easy to capture their adorably sweet love for each other and where they live!

(Spoiler alert: they live one block away from where Anthony and I lived for almost 8 years… within walking distance to the Patterson Park Pagoda, so naturally we had to start there!)




I couldn’t begin to tell their story as well as they can in their own words, so without further ado… Lauren shares how their love story came to be (so many quintessential Baltimore bars/restaurants played a role in their first date! I love that!):


“Matt & I met right after he moved to Baltimore City. One of my best friends had just turned 21 and we wanted to find a place to go out. She had known Matt & his friends for quite some time and reconnected with his roommate. I got to meet Matt & Chris as Matt had just gotten back from the gym and gave us a tour of the house (and I knew I liked him immediately!) and then went to go get ready to go out. A little while later we took a cab (back when people still took cabs… :)) down to Canton and went to Nacho Mama’s! We all shared a Hubcap margarita at the bar. Matt and I were pretty engrossed with each other at that point — we talked and talked and learned a lot about each other. We even kissed in the cab that night on the way back to their place. 🙂 They invited us back down the next night and we went to Ale Mary’s and Bad Decisions and then Matt took me to the National Zoo in DC the next morning. And that was it. I think we both knew where we stood pretty quickly and hung out pretty much every weekend after that…”





Can we just stop for a second and have a moment with this GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind ring that Matt gave Lauren? I’ve never seen anything like it and can’t stop staring at it! A custom pear shaped yellow diamond?!



lauren + matt engagement

Living steps from Patterson Park and loving the walk along the Fells Point waterfront,  I can’t get enough of their perfect embraces and snuggly selves… everything about our night together was picture perfect!!






Their proposal story is SO sweet… but I also just love how real it starts out! How many of you have struggled with “…relaxing vacation or adventure trip?!”

“We have always struggled a bit with our travel preferences — the best way I can describe it is that I prefer “vacations” where Matt prefers “trips”. After a long few weeks of “trips” with our friends, we had a long conversation about my need for a vacation from our trips… He immediately got to work planning a weekend a few months later in Hudson, NY. A place where he promised that there was so little to do that even he could not turn the vacation into a trip. We stayed in a cute AirBnB, explored the town a little the first day and went to a nice meal. The next day we did some more exploring and then went back to the house to relax and then shower and get ready for dinner. I was sitting on the bed reading and he suddenly came in and let me know that he had decided we REALLY needed to go check this place a few miles away out. And that we HAD to go that evening before dinner. So, begrudgingly, I pulled my hair up in a messy bun, threw on a giant sweatshirt and converse and hopped into the car. We got to Olana (a gorgeous house designed and decorated by Frederic Church with beautiful details all over it, overlooking the Hudson River) and walked around a bit, the house was already closed, so I was honestly a bit annoyed that we were there… we made our way through the yard and sat down on a bench looking back up at the house, it was really nice because no one else was around since the house had closed for the day. And that’s when he did it. 🙂 It was lovely — and I was super appreciative that he knows me well enough to have found such a peaceful quiet spot for it! I later learned that while I was hosting my best friend’s bachelorette party in Ocean City a few weekends earlier, he had recruited his brother to drive all the way to Hudson with him, check out Olana, to make sure he liked it and had a plan and grabbed lunch and drove all of the way home!! He hadn’t told anyone besides his brother, so it was fun making the calls and actually surprising everyone with the news.”







twinkle-cafe-lights-engagement-photoslauren + matt engagementlauren + matt engagement

L+M, we can’t wait for your Accelerator Space wedding in less than a month and know it’s going to be an epic evening filled with incredible food, family and friends but most importantly, the official start of YOUR married life together!!!



…the wedding experience: http://www.urbanrowphoto.com


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…a NOLA inspired wedding for Fat Tuesday!

Today is Fat Tuesday! Wooo hoo! What better way to celebrate in Baltimore than with a messy, wet, snowy day?! Ha. Gosh, I wish we could have paraded down the street behind a New Line Brass Band again, instead.

In honor of this celebratory day, it only seemed fitting to share an image from one of our all-time favorite weddings… Debbie and Mitchell’s wedding was epic in so many ways, but their love for all-things NOLA is the perfect reason to relive it today! 🙂


For those of you new to Urban Row Photography, be sure to check out more details of their Patterson Park wedding ceremony and Chesapeake Wine Company reception! And, the wonderful couple was featured on Baltimore Bride in their local love section; such a testament to all of Debbie’s work in planning a wedding working with as many local vendors and wedding professionals as possible. 🙂

This fabulous event wouldn’t have been what it was without the expertise of Lemon and Lime Event Design, Local Color Flowers and Blacksauce Kitchen.

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raquela + david | patterson park| baltimore engagement session

Less than 7 months to go until these lovebirds can call each other husband and wife! Their engagement countdown started 2 years out – it’s amazing how much time flies when you’re having fun (or in their case, successfully buying a house/moving and planning a wedding all at the same time!).

Since the Highlandtown/Patterson Park area is the first place they’ve called home together, it only made sense to start our session at one of the best urban art installations I’ve ever seen…which happens to be in their neighborhood. 🙂

Continuing our session with some of the most unique landmarks in Charm City, the pagoda in Patterson Park was our next stop. R+D were so photogenic wherever we went. I love that Dave’s presence lends itself to Raquela’s megawatt smile. every. time!

The Inner Harbor has been the site of festivals, performances, war ships, and many other memorable events over the years, but for R+D, it will simply be the place their lives changed for the better when they got engaged and started their journey towards married life! I love the sparkle in both of their eyes as they think about their future together…

You two have so much to look forward to this year! I’m so glad we had the opportunity to capture these fleeting moments together and I hope the playful energy and love that you shared with me only continues to grow stronger as your relationship gets sweeter and more established. Here’s to your October wedding at Rawlings Conservatory being full of incredibly vibrant color, intimate moments among family and memories that will carry you a lifetime. I can’t wait!

PS – Happy Birthday, R! Today’s the start of a year like no other! 🙂


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debbie + mitchell | chesapeake wine co | baltimore wedding reception

In case you missed all the fun, here’s where we left off…gorgeous blue skies, incredible local flowers and a crowd of friends and family waiting to congratulate Debbie and Mitchell!

Succulents in square vases on tables. Tiny glass bud vases hanging from wood columns. No surface of the reception was left untouched!

One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings is seeing the bride and groom’s families come together… 🙂

There was no shortage of heartfelt toasts and get-out-on-the-dance-floor songs. I seriously want to have a party just so the Junkyard Saints can come do their thang. Think my daughter’s 1st birthday party would be the right venue?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we were absolutely honored to be part of your memorable celebration and wish you nothing but love, laughter and happiness for years to come! Remember, it’s not every day you get to march through the streets dancing with beads on. 😉

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debbie + mitchell | patterson park | baltimore wedding ceremony

The first time I met Debbie I found out that she and Mitchell not only had an incredibly creative vision for what their wedding would be, but they prioritized using local creative talent for every aspect of the big day, which I thoroughly appreciated. I’m not originally from Baltimore (I’m a Lawn Guyland gal…), but gosh if I could do it again, I’d choose all of Debbie’s vendors and have multiple receptions; just so I could hold all of Local Color Flowers‘ award winning bouquet varieties and eat way too much Black Sauce Kitchen goodness. Lemon & Lime Event Design plans events with an eye for a clean and contemporary aesthetic and Katey and Ashley are incredibly fun to work with!

D+M wanted to have an absolute blast celebrating their love for each other surrounded by close family and friends…what couple doesn’t, right?  Most brides share these priorities, but I have to say, I had to hold myself back more than once from getting up on the dance floor and joining the party. These two lovebirds are not only perfect for each other but they know how to have a good time!

It took me longer than I’d like to get this post ready for viewing since my fingers didn’t stop clicking all night – so many memorable moments to choose from. It was an honor to photograph such a unique and loving couple. Without further ado…enjoy! 🙂

The pagoda and Patterson Park itself are very near and dear to Debbie and Mitchell. I loved the simplicity with which they decorated it.

love + laughter = Debbie and Mitchell in a nutshell.

Reception moments to come in another post! Check back soon!

Band: Junkyard Saints
New Line Marching Band: Dixie Power Trio
Cake: Patisserie Poupon
Groom’s Cake: Baltimore Cakery


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Picture Perfect.

I love photoshoots that involve running between raindrops. There’s a fine line between timing it right so that you can capture the incredible light that happens when storm clouds are threatening overhead while being sure to wrap up the session before a downpour ruins everything. I also love photoshoots that involve fluffy, smiley, laid-back dogs. You know what else I love? Relationships between sisters that remind me of how close my sister and I are.

This photoshoot had all of those things. 🙂

Ty is not just any dog. He’s an adorably photogenic and focused big guy (especially while eyeing up squirrels) who is completely aware of how handsome he is. Just look at that grin.

Liz is heading back to Germany after living and working here this summer. I know how much Claire and Dan (and Ty!) enjoyed having her around…but I’m game for planning our next photoshoot in your neck of the woods, Liz. Shall we? 😉

I love moments like this. Side note: is it just me or do they look like they could be modeling for the Fall issue of Boden? 🙂 If I could, I’d buy my entire wardrobe from there.

I had a blast with all 4 of you and hope you enjoyed yourselves during our dash-through-the-park, run-for-cover, squirrel-observing photoshoot.

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Sweet Steven.

Ohhh, to be 2 again…from the moment we spent time together, I knew this independent little guy was full of personality! But personality when you’re 2 years old means going from unsure of new people to smiley and back to serious in about as long as it takes to climb up the ladder, swoosh down the slide, run a few steps and then head for the swings.

Meeting Steven for the first time on a 100+ degree day, I had my work cut out for me…he wasn’t readily flashing big grins, but I knew if we worked at it, our time at the playground would be memorable.

I can’t get over how adorable this soon-to-be-a-big-brother-face is! Big brown eyes, super long eyelashes and rosy red cheeks from running around…quite a handsome little guy. Even with a hesitant and pensive look.

It was a joy getting to meet you, Steven! Next time we’ll have to plan to go in the pool…I’m pretty sure from the look you had on your face as we walked towards it, getting you to leave would be the hardest part. 🙂 Thanks for spending your morning with me, you’re going to be the best big brother around.

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melissa + eric | fells point | baltimore wedding reception

In case you forgot where we left off yesterday, it had something to do with this gorgeous bride and her handsome ringbearer…

The Broadway Pier was a fun location for some quick photos with the bridal party before dinner began.  Old-world cobblestone streets, hustle and bustle of local shops amongst harbor waterfront activity…it’s one of Baltimore’s most photogenic spots. Add two lovebirds and you have a recipe for spectacular photos!

An intimate reception with family and friends was held at Meli in historic Fells Point.   Meli’s lower level offered a romantic, candle-lit atmosphere for catching up, conversation, and cake-smashing! (I think they surprised everyone with that!)

We wish you a lifetime of happiness as you begin this new chapter in your lives, Melissa + Eric. Good luck with the move, let us know when you’re back in town for a visit!


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melissa + eric | mt vernon | baltimore wedding ceremony

The pagoda in Patterson Park was the quintessential backdrop for Melissa + Eric’s first look. Eric proposed here and they live a block away. Right before Melissa walked up behind him, Eric had a huge smile on his face full of excitement and anticipation.  They looked, they turned, they hugged; it was an incredibly sweet moment for the two of them to share.

They were after a simple, classic look and chose the perfect church to be married in.  St. Ignatius, designed by Long and Pittar, opened in 1856 and remains one of the cornerstones of the Mt. Vernon neighborhood in Baltimore.  The magnificent interior was a wonderful setting for the beautiful mass.

I’m tellin’ ya, these two were quite a couple. You’d never guess they started the day anxious to be in front of the camera! We have many more incredible moments to share with you…part deux will be ready for viewing tomorrow!


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