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…love, it’s in the details.

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love…”


Love comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. We all know this. But what we often forget and fail to see, is how gorgeous and memorable an event can be when you collaborate with others and let each artist contribute their talents.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my role in the wedding industry, it’s that giving a professional the freedom to be creative and express their passion, can result in an experience far superior than the initial concept ever was.

Our sugar and spice inspired styled shoot is a testament to that and was featured on Charm City Wed earlier this week!! I was honored to have worked with so many talented local artists – here is a small sampling of what we accomplished (and much more to come in a future post)! Hand crafted details like these are some of my favorite things to photograph because so much love, care, effort and knowledge has gone into their final look!

The most important thing I learned from our shoot is to overestimate how much time you’ll need to capture them all. Because like most events you plan and look forward to for months (here’s looking at you, wedding day), the sun will literally set faster than it ever has before…


A romantic relationship is similarly about passion, give and take and trust. To those of you heading out on your first date tonight, embrace that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling. 😉 I was in your shoes 11 years ago tonight and I can happily say that feeling is still there… 8.5 years of marriage and 2 kids later.



To those of you getting engaged tonight, well, I just hope you have more of an idea that it may be coming than I did (ha!), and you have an amazing outfit chosen for that first photo of you with your FIANCE! Or, at least some sparkly jewelry…




And when you’ve taken enough deep breaths to wrap your head around the fact that you’ll soon be a Mrs., it’s time to start adding another element to your daily getting ready routine: polishing that BLING! 😉



To the newlyweds out there, get dressed up and hold hands as you head out on this adventure. It won’t be long until you’re ready for dessert…




And to the non-DINKS, my married with kids crew, enjoy the process of creating a date night that’s different than your usual netflix-on-the-couch-with-a-bottle-of-red-wine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe just for tonight, it should be a bottle of rosé as you slow dance in your living room to your wedding song.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I wish you nothing but the sweetest of memories to be made!

Not possible without the most talented vendor team in the land:
Floral Farm: Butterbee Farm
Floral Design: Everyday Rose Events
Hair and Makeup: Beyond Brides
Jewelry: Rachel Mulherin
Cakes: WinniE’s Bakery
Tea: Wight Tea
Dress: Rent The Runway
Bowtie: xoelle




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sparkle, shine, macro filters… oh my!

At first I thought this post would mainly be helpful for fellow photographers… but really, the lessons learned are for anyone with the desire to use what they have and can afford at the time, to better their craft! 🙂 Can you tell I’m a glass half full kinda gal?


I’ve recently added a new lens to my gear collection and I’m SO excited for it! It’s an 85mm and an incredible portrait lens… however, it’s not what I originally thought I’d be able to buy anytime soon. I’ve always had my eye on a 100mm lens to allow me to take those dreamy closeup shots of jewelry, food, flowers and all things larger-than-life beautiful.

New gear is what gets my creative juices flowing, but it’s also what keeps me up at night since it’s so pricey! I constantly second guess myself when it comes to making smart business investments (any fellow small business owners struggle with the same anxiety?).




When I met Ines at the Summer’s End Workshop (see even more from that amazing experience here and here!!!), she shared an unbelievable tip with me… if you can’t afford to take the 100mm lens plunge now, try macro filters that cost a fraction of the cost of a macro lens. Excuse me, WHATTT. I’ve heard of these filters, but had never had the chance to try them out in a setting like this. She not only let me try hers, but shared a bunch of veteran tips on how they work (a centrally placed subject is best!), how you need to shift your camera juuuuuust so, to hit that sweet spot of incredible crispness and which filter is best for which subject type.



Consider me SOLD!!! I needed to snag these fabulous filters right away (thank you Amazon Prime!). Over the last few months I’ve used them for numerous detail shots and am happy to say, they’re life changing. Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but honestly, after a bit of practice and getting the hang of the nuances, I think this addition to my arsenal was money well spent if for no other reason than to allow me to save up for the 85mm AND still get those wow shots of your super sparkly jewelry and sexy wedding day heels! 😉







PS – these STUNNING Rachel Mulherin pieces below were from my recent sugar and spice inspired styled shoot at Butterbee Farm… I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to share more with y’all! Have you ever seen jewelry like this!? Unique, custom, handmade geode stones that appear to be dipped in gold and dangling from your ears. HELLOOOOO gorgeous!!! Statement pieces like this are all you and your bridesmaids need to add that extra bit of glam and sophistication. Seriously, I could find a reason / outfit to wear them all. #lifegoals





Here’s wishing you loads of fun playing with whatever new gear is on your holiday wish list… and if you can make it work for you AND your budget, more power to you. Rock on, friends!








Oh, and speaking of rocks, the ice blue gemstone you see in the background of some of these shots, came from my new favorite local shop, Love That. They recently opened in Belvedere Square and have SO MANY one of a kind finds… need a housewarming present for your coworker? Check! A sweet little baby present for your neighbor? Check! A prosecco scented candle for yourself (I had no idea that was even a thing!)? Yes, please! You definitely need to add them to your #shoplocal efforts on upcoming Small Business Saturday!!!

Stay tuned… I’ll be sharing more macro images using these filters from my recent photoshoot at Bond Street Social next week! Small creative bites made for sharing – you might want to get those thanksgiving pants out and ready! 😉




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southern blooms: a styled shoot | culpeper, va | virginia wedding photographer

Hi friends! Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend and an even better time celebrating Summer’s End… Mother Nature seems to still be confused with these humid 90 degree days, but I’m excited for the start of Fall and some unique projects on the horizon!! I will be sure to keep you posted as long as you promise to come back and show the blog some love whenever you are in need of eye candy that’s spicy, sweet and sentimental. 😉


First things first! I have to share, that crushed tulle is my new favorite styling element – it transports so well because it’s already crushed and wrinkled. Um, genius. Can someone please make a line of clothing made out of this wondrous material? Ha, no but seriously, my wedding dress dry cleaning bill (as in the dresses I photograph weddings in… I don’t actually twirl around in my old wedding dress at home, although my daughter would probably think I’m the coolest mom ever if I did!) will thank you.




Speaking of styling tips, work with herbs as much as possible! Here I specifically used lavender (courtesy of the contents from Southern Grown Vintage‘s adorably sweet and unique custom welcome gift box – see below!) which smells amazing and makes a great prop for ring shots…




The venue at Rixey Manor was incredible in so many ways, but for this styled shoot specifically, it was so bright, airy and elegant! The endlessly talented Tabitha of the Girls from Main Street, styled our stunning “southern blooms” inspired tablescape. It was stunning with linens in the most romantic and sophisticated shade of blue and floral design by Good Earth Flowers




Timeout… these monogrammed plates by Sasha Nicholas took everything to the next level! How special and personalized can a wedding get?! You just found your answer.






SO many fun wedding details including paper flowers by Creations by DGB!


Now, what’s a gorgeous table if you don’t have the tastiest and most beautifully presented food to eat while sitting at it?! Roadside Chive absolutely outdid themselves with this spread… I dare you not to drool.







Since you might need a break after eating staring at all of that fresh fruit, veggie and pork tenderloin goodness, I’ll let you digest before sharing images of the beautiful models at sunset along the rolling hills of the Piedmont!

Stay tuned for soft pastel sunset skies, the classiest champagne bucket you’ve ever seen and bridesmaid dresses you’ll actually want to wear and OWN to wear over and over again because they’re so classy yet fun all at the same time. Yes, they are out there! Oh, and did I mention the wedding cake? Yeah, there may have been a swing involved…

Venue: Rixey Manor

Planning + Styling: The Girls from Main Street and Lieb Photographic

Rentals: The Girls from Main Street

Linens: Main Street Linens

Florals: Good Earth Flowers

Stationery + Calligraphy: Farmstead Design Studio

Cake: Cakes in Art

Wedding Gown: Fab Frocks

Hair + Makeup: Bobbypins and Blush

Catering: Roadside Chive

Custom Welcome Gift: Southern Grown Vintage

Paper Flowers: Creations by DGB

Models: Angela Moberley, Cassie Ervin, Marlynn Casillas



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