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On Monday, September 24, the Philadelphia Flyers revealed its new costumed mascot, a 7-foot-tall orange hellion named Gritty.

What was this fuzzy eldritch horror, whose googly eyes and maniacal grin seemed engineered to unnerve rather than delight young NHL fans? Critics from across America immediately showered hate on the carrot-colored creature.

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But—like the president he would soon be compared to—Gritty found a way to turn on his tormenters and forge their ridicule into a mighty weapon. After a barrage of negative national media coverage, the city rallied around him.

Given wings by social media, Gritty became ubiquitous—and, because this isextremely politicized. Conan interviews the man inside the Gritty costume. Gritty signs spotted so far pic.

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Orange is the new red. This was surely not what the Flyers had in mind when they asked the man behind the Phillie Phanatic for assistance with mascot ideas.

And nowhere can that be seen more clearly Philadflphia in its battery-hurlinghorse-punching sports culture. See also: They are also a standard emotional response to the contemporary news cycle, where Philadelphia to fuck u Twitter memes are the only pleasures to be reaped from an unremitting harvest of sorrow.

fukc And Gritty is nothing if not the ultimate weird Twitter meme, a ghastly empty-eyed Muppet with a Delco beard who looks and behaves like an internet Philadelphia to fuck u come to wrathful, furry life. But the mass sentiment and enthusiasm these teams rile up are real, and one of the purest manifestations of social cohesion you can imagine.

Bowling Philadflphia Fans always shape the teams, and their mystique, in a way that is outside the control of the owners or the players.

It no surprise that Gritty became a Bolshie in this overwhelmingly Democratic city, Philadelphiw vibrant left-wing movements and a storied radical protest tradition co-exist with stark inequalities and a dark history of racial violence.

Can Gritty be an obscene fuzz-beast horror for everyone? As the man with the fresh Gritty Philadelphia to fuck u says: Chaos reigns.

This Philaedlphia journey across the U. The near-absence of public garbage bins in cities like Tokyo is both a security measure and a reflection of a cultural aversion to littering.

John Metcalfe Oct 20, Richard Florida Life Carefully, Japan Reconsiders the Trash Can The near-absence of public garbage bins in cities like Tokyo is both a security measure and a reflection of a cultural aversion to littering.

Allan Richarz 9: Feargus O'Sullivan May Philadelphua, Philadelphia to fuck u Skip to content.

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