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our endless adventure | federal hill lifestyle photos | baltimore small business photographer

I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to capture so many passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners recently! This intro is long overdue, but small business photography is not only another service I’ve begun offering within the DMV area, it’s absolutely a passion project of mine.

With a focus on visual storytelling and candid moments, my love of details and capturing an authentic sense of place combine to form an of-the-moment style and aesthetic. What does that really mean? It means I want your passion, creativity, personality and style to be at the forefront of every image. I don’t want to capture a professional headshot of you on a static gray background (but if you’re looking for that, I have very talented friends that I can refer you to!)… I want you to be in your element. I want your mixing bowls to be dripping and counters to have crumbs on them, if you’re a baker/chef (what’s up B-More Kitchen crew!). I want your camera in hand if you’re a fellow photographer and your colored pencils moving if you’re an illustrator! I’ll ask you to get your hands dirty if you’re a gardener (speaking of, stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring an incredibly talented Baltimore container gardener!) and I’ll want your floor covered in wood shavings if you’re a furniture maker (hey, Made in Baltimore friends, I’m talking to you!)… you get the point.

So, when Becky, a marketing consultant, photographer and lifestyle blogger at Our Endless Adventure reached out in need of some fun portraits and lifestyle images, I knew this was going to be an incredible shoot!


I remember meeting Becky in person for the first time at a gathering of fellow Baltimore creatives, through our local Tuesdays Together group (part of the larger Rising Tide Society network)… she was so approachable and fun to talk to, knowing of so many unique places to eat, see and enjoy around Charm City. Her passion for travel, city life and creative exploration is unmatched! Oh, and after discovering her love of cheese, I knew we needed to hang out again soon.


If you aren’t already following along on her journey, you should stop reading this now, and head right on over to her Insta and change that… 🙂 I don’t accept any responsibility for being biten by the travel bug after you start keeping up with her adventures!

We started off at 3 Bean Coffee and I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have chosen a better spot. Just look at how perfectly her shirt, hair and the tones of 3 Bean’s interior finishes complimented each other… hellloooo, HAPPY ACCIDENT! For real though, we changed our plan at the last minute due to a crazy summer storm rolling through and I’ve never been happier that rain changed our plans!!




Even her iced tea came along for the amber colored party! Made my “lets coordinate yet try not to be matchy-matchy” photographer’s heart so happy.



Isn’t she the best??


Heading over to Federal Hill park was a fun way to spot all the best pastel colored rowhouses and slow down in the humidity.


If you don’t already know about the Live A Great Story movement, I love what it stands for. In their own words, it’s a “brand inspired by the idea we are all on a journey to live our own story. Regardless of the color of our skin, the language we speak, the part of of the world we came from, we’re all on a life long journey to live our best life… and in that we can inspire those around us to keep moving forward in their own journey.” As an ambassador, Becky will share her passion, creativity and positive outlook to spread the LIVE inspiration within her community. I’m not aware of a place that doesn’t need positive inspiration, so I’d encourage all of you to consider doing your part to ‘live a great story’ and share it with the world!


We ended at our favorite local museum, the American Visionary Art Museum. Becky and I both visited AVAM when we first came to Baltimore and fell even more in love with this city after experiencing it. So, it was a natural spot to end our shoot on a high note!


Lots more to come for this talented lady – be sure to follow her cross-country road trip adventures in the cutest little camper over the next 2 months!

As for me, I’m excited to share more small business photography in the coming weeks! I’d love to capture your passion, your business and your brand. Don’t be a stranger… the world needs more of your talent and it all starts with “one good image” (as everyone always tells me that’s all they need, lol!).







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B-More Kitchen | industrial chic wedding venue | baltimore wedding photographer

If you’re getting married and in need of your something blue, I found it for you. You can stop searching and start planning how to pose in front of B-More Kitchen’s new signage with your soon-to-be spouse.

Seriously, I know for a fact that these walls will be a perfect backdrop for your guests to arrive among and for your portraits to take place near, because SPOILER ALERT!… I just captured SO. MUCH. PRETTY. at a recent wedding photoshoot designed and created here at the Accelerator Space by myself and Courtney of Moore & Co. Events!

I can not wait to share more (!!!), but for now, I wanted to quickly share these images that showcase the incredibly simple, yet bold and contemporary urban mural making up every exterior wall of B-More Kitchen. The blue brightens up the grayest of skies and the wood slat walls of the patio form a beautifully clean and elegant backdrop for every celebratory event.


Did I mention the bistro lights above? 🙂 Every outdoor venue should be so lucky.


Inside and just below the Accelerator Space is the home of B-More Kitchen.



You may remember their launch party I photographed last Fall… it was nothing short of TASTY and such a fabulous way to kickoff their long-awaited presence in Baltimore. I ate Well-Crafted Pizza slices next to the mayor, enjoyed too many Bottoms Up Bagels lox sandwiches and stared at the 12’+ high statement-making metal panel feature wall in awe. 🙂





I look forward to seeing how B-More Kitchen transforms the food industry for Charm City in the future… they’re already making waves by transforming an old car dealership into a one-of-a-kind space for I-Do’s and improving the streetscape with brighter hues.




And of course I can’t wait to celebrate with you and the entire event community as the Accelerator Space settles into its new home! Stay tuned for those styled shoot sneak peeks!! 😉

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debbie + mitchell | remington wine company | baltimore anniversary photographer

Those of you who remember Chesapeake Wine Company, will remember it for the neighborhood fixture that it was when Debbie + Mitchell owned it. As one of our original #urpcouples, their wedding reception at the CWC store itself speaks to the charm and vitality that exuded from it! Fast forward 5 years to their newest labor of love, Remington Wine Company, adjacent to R House. After investing so much of their blood, sweat and tears into renovating this space to be the inviting local wine shop that it is, it was the obvious choice for an anniversary photoshoot!




Mitchell’s passion for wine and knowledge of the process, industry and small-business ownership is invigorating. Debbie’s love for supporting local food talent, understanding well-designed spaces and establishing an inviting yet unique sensibility to their new Remington store, has created the perfect blend.


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bmore kitchen launch party | unique wedding venue | baltimore wedding photographer

Living within walking distance from Belvedere Square means we are always only a few minutes away from locally made food and an easy trip to the market when we have friends and family visiting from out of town. It makes me so proud to be surrounded by so many successful entrepreneurs and food-based small-businesses!

When I learned that B’More Kitchen was opening up down the street, I knew it was going to be a fabulous addition to the neighborhood and the city.  Touring it confirmed that! The main doors are made out of the original, historic windows (!). The floor still has remnants of the original green paint and the feature wall is clad in metal panels, repurposed from a nearby barn. The space is flooded with natural light and is a blank, neutral slate for whatever decor you may want to add to it.


Imagine hosting your wedding in a space that has been transformed from a Chevrolet car dealership into an incredibly unique 6,000 SF event space with a stunning patio (helloooo outdoor ceremony), all just minutes north of downtown Baltimore and room for approximately 300 guests! The food your guests devour is made as local as it gets… downstairs.  🙂










At the recent launch party, I had a chance to meet some of the food members, sample some of their products and hear their unique stories of how they got to where they are today. It was so inspiring to learn how many synergies have already been created just by working alongside each other in the same kitchen space.














Huge kudos to partners (l-r) Jonathan Fishman and Eben Altmann on the much anticipated opening!




Planning & Styling: Heather St. Clair Events

Floral Design: Local Color Flowers

Hope you think of these talented B’More Kitchen food members the next time you need locally made, delicious eats and of course, a spacious and inviting event space for your upcoming wedding!

Hex Ferments
De’bays Cream of Crab
B’More Saucy
Pie Time
Well Crafted Pizza
Bottoms Up Bagels
Green City Kitchen
B’More Tasteful


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flowers, families and photos at butterbee farm!

I love when getting to know new friends and families leads to learning about places I’ve never been and how small the world really is… 🙂


I first met Kobi and his wife Dafna (and their twins!) back in November, at Play Cafe in Hampden. We bonded over our mutual sleeplessness (my son was born last April, and was only about 7 months at the time and they had 2 month old twins) and how many beautiful and unique neighborhoods Baltimore has within such close proximity. Kobi and Dafna were both born in Israel and love connecting Jewish families with young babies and bonding over food, coffee and good conversation. When Kobi mentioned Ahava Baby‘s final family event taking place at a local flower farm with new families and their need for a photographer to capture the families at the event, it was a no-brainer… YES, PLEASE!



Fast forward to mid-June when I arrived at Butterbee Farm for the first time and met Laura Beth, the owner and floral farmer extraordinaire! I knew of the farm from working with one of my favorite florists in Baltimore City, Ellen Frost of Local Color Flowers, but I had never ventured out to see it or meet Laura Beth until now.



I love her story – she studied flute in college and still plays (hi! me too… well, not as often as I’d like these days, but I grew up playing the flute and my mom still teaches it!); we instantly connected over that and then I learned she always wanted to know more about farming and started in 2013 on a 13th of an acre (13 happens to be my lucky number…!) on land in Reservoir Hill. Butterbee Farm grows all of their flowers and herbs “beyond organically”- which means they don’t use any harmful pesticides, not even ones that are certified organic.


Butterbee Farm has a ton of upcoming events (I secretly would love to attend all of them, haha) to boost your floral knowledge, try your hand at floral crown making and even some mornings where volunteers are encouraged to help out! They offer DIY flowers for bridal parties, provide bulk flowers for events and have lots of varieties of mint (too many for me to name!) but I learned of how awesome mountain mint smells and what the chamomile flower looks like during my short time at the farm.




I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that my time with the Ahava Baby crew was so much fun in getting to know so many different mini-farmers-in-training 🙂 and Butterbee Farm is a feast for the senses and a rejuvenating, peaceful place that I can’t wait to come back to again! Thank you for the opportunity, Kobi + Ahava Baby and thank you to Laura Beth, for being such a friendly and gracious host!





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keri + patrick | wyman park dell + baltimore museum of art | baltimore engagement session

Last Fall, Keri and I connected through a friend of a friend, as a result of a styled shoot I did with In A Bow Event Design! I can’t say it enough (wait a minute, now I sound like my dad…), but it really is all about who you know. So glad I know the right people! 😉

Keri and Patrick met playing trivia on opposing teams, one night at the Otto Bar just south of the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. They both have a penchant for making the other laugh; their smiles and compassionate nature are quick to put you at ease while in their presence.

They used to walk their dog in Wyman Park and love the quiet, tucked away nature of it. I did too! As we were shooting, I kept wanting to sit down and have a picnic among the big trees, dappled sun and low rock walls.





I just love the expressions Keri makes while in Patrick’s arms. And you know how I have a thing for curly hair… us curly hair girls need to stick together! 😉


This might be my favorite photo of our session… the golden light peeking through the trees, the flowers spotted throughout the grass and an adorable couple in love!



How cute are they?! Not to mention the fact that we were in a garden oasis somewhere with perfect weather. Our session occurred right after a few days of strong, rainy weather and I think Mother Nature was showing off as much greenery and lushness as she could muster!



See? Lush garden oasis, for real. 🙂


After strolling the garden, we walked over to the Newsletter Office, right at the base of the sculpture garden. It’s the sweetest little stone building, accessible by a tiny, narrow wooden walkway… perfect for a fun-loving couple! 😉


So, let’s take a quick timeout and mention the fact that the original plan had us exploring the sculpture garden just behind this building… it was open when we first arrived to location scout, I got all excited for it and then an hour later, CLOSED. Bummer!!! But, instead we explored the surrounding gates and ivy-covered walls of the BMA. I’m pretty happy with how these came out!






And I have to end on this image, another one of my favorites. Talk about classic romance… Keri + Patrick, we had a blast exploring the area together and can’t wait for your August wedding!




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city life in detail: 05.09.16

If the end of April and beginning of May are any indication of the weather to come this summer, I hope the rainy days are behind us and the mild temperatures will stick around!

While out and about last week during the constant rain, I was determined to find beauty, color and unique elements in the everyday. Just because the skies are gray, doesn’t mean you need to be! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying this photography series focused on urban life! Some of my previous posts focused on Georgetown, pops of red, local antiques and food. I’d love to know what your favorite kind of images are; are they colored shots? B+W? Rowhomes? Landscapes? Food? Pets? Spill it… 🙂 What’s your favorite part of Charm City that I should capture?

Here’s what’s caught my eye this week…

Layering. Greenery. Transportation. Brick.


Progress. Development. Neighborhood investment.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Window boxes. Colored shutters. Stained Glass. (One of my favorite local stained glass artists is WhollyTerra – if your rowhouse transom is currently bare, you need to fix that by contacting Steve!)


Sculptural architecture. Movement. Saturated.


Union Station. Silhouettes. Shopping.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Golden light at night. Peaceful. Classic architecture.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Here’s to the start of another week – it may be another dreary Monday, but sometimes putting comfy shoes on and going exploring with a camera (and it doesn’t need to be fancy – an iPhone camera is good enough!) in hand is all you need to change your mood! And on the topic of looking up, this is a wonderfully honest post from a friend of mine that is a good reminder that all of us are trying to keep our heads up and manage life in our own way… I’ll have to add Sarah Hepola’s memoir to my must-read list.


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city life: in detail 04.06.16

oh georgetown, how I have such a love/hate relationship with you…

I love your charm, walkability, and window shopping. I love your historic canal architecture, colorful facades and fantastic cafes. I don’t like your congestion, lack of parking and ease of getting lost… the day I drive in and don’t end up being “re-routed” as I turn too soon or miss the roundabout, I’m treating myself to a slice of Dean and Deluca chocolate babka.

imperfection. star bolts. exposed foundation walls.

1 georgetown_architecture

chevron storefronts. contrast. optical illusions.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

curb appeal. front stoop. painted brick.

3 red_door_rowhouse

detail. variety. shadows.

6 georgetown_shopping

chartreuse. sidewalk cafe. character.

4 georgetown_snap_cafe

spring. pastels. texture.

5 anthropologie_display

I can’t wait to share more from my time in this quaint/chic DC neighborhood… I photographed the sweetest, most patient little infant and his mom and dad (thanks for connecting us, Kate)! It was quite a windy, chilly day but he just rolled with it and gave me the cutest little smirks. 🙂

Stay warm out there! It was just snowing the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen in April!


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city life: in detail 03.12.16

As it gets warmer and lighter longer (don’t forget about DST this weekend!), I find myself even more drawn to pops of color (and from this week’s photos it seems like my color right now is red, LOL)… and the stark contrast of light / dark.

What do you find yourself liking and wanting more of as the temperatures warm up? Besides ice cream… 😉 I  can’t wait until fresh air is blowing through the open windows in our house!

repurposed. old door hardware. handwriting.


subway tile. cherry red. quick bite.


farmer’s market. locally grown. murals.


gothic architecture. presence. arched doors.


downtown. angled silhouette. sky on fire.


I’m excited for this weekend since it includes a photoshoot and some family time in Ocean City… salty air, sand between our toes, Fractured Prune donuts (we discovered these the first time we came to O.C. and now I don’t know how we lived without them!) and some shutter clicking is the best way to spend a weekend in my mind!

Stay tuned for next week’s details series – it might be a break from urban city scenes! 😉

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city life: in detail 02.22.16

Last week’s inspiration came in the form of food, drink and cozy home comforts… now that it’s gotten a bit warmer in charm city this week (yay!), I’ve been craving fresh city air and all that comes with the hint of spring around the corner! 🙂

If you’re new to Urban Row Photography, you should check out the first post in this city life series, where I share all of the things, shapes, materials, colors and local places that inspire me! Make sure to ‘follow’ along for future updates!

iron artwork. hearts! black and white.


local art (we have one of Steve’s smaller pieces hanging in our house!). chalkboard signage. copper.


historic maps (I always look for cities I know of and those with funny names). geography. new destinations.


ice blue. faux fur stoles. antique shops (I secretly would love to be able to go back in time and live a day during the 1950s).


perfectly imperfect paving. hints of green. worn bricks.


murals. silhouettes and shadows that make you smile. love for all to see.


5 of the 6 images all came from the same charm city neighborhood… any guesses? I wanted to include the iconic flamingo that graces the facade of a famous baltimore cafe, but that would have given it away. 😉

Happy Tuesday! The last one of February… WHAT!? Make it your best!


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