I’m passionate about capturing the moments in life that go too quickly, the events that don’t happen twice and the small details some never notice. I’ve always had an eye for detail and enjoy composing provoking images that tell your story.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, which if nothing else, confirmed for me that sometimes you need to be both an early riser and a night owl. 😉

I’m the proud mama of a beautiful little girl (who’s 4 going on 14?!) and a new little guy (who is only 18 months but eats like he’s a 13 yr old boy)!  I usually keep the camera within arm’s reach at any given moment since life’s too short to worry about forgetting silly giggles and pouty cheeks!

There are so many different aspects of living in a city that shape the way we remember everyday experiences. The combination of color, texture, materiality, and natural light are a constant influence in my photography. I strive to provide my clients with images that evoke the passion and love you have for your family, children, pets and home!

That’s a bit about me, now I’d love to learn similar things about you. I would love to learn what makes you smile brighter, laugh harder and how I can capture those memories for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until we meet…thanks for stopping by!

photo credit: Lieb Photographic, LLC

photo credit: Lieb Photographic, LLC

Visit Urban Row Photography for more examples of my work and contact me to book a session today at naomi@urbanrowphoto.com.

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