city life: in detail 03.12.16

As it gets warmer and lighter longer (don’t forget about DST this weekend!), I find myself even more drawn to pops of color (and from this week’s photos it seems like my color right now is red, LOL)… and the stark contrast of light / dark.

What do you find yourself liking and wanting more of as the temperatures warm up? Besides ice cream… 😉 I  can’t wait until fresh air is blowing through the open windows in our house!

repurposed. old door hardware. handwriting.


subway tile. cherry red. quick bite.


farmer’s market. locally grown. murals.


gothic architecture. presence. arched doors.


downtown. angled silhouette. sky on fire.


I’m excited for this weekend since it includes a photoshoot and some family time in Ocean City… salty air, sand between our toes, Fractured Prune donuts (we discovered these the first time we came to O.C. and now I don’t know how we lived without them!) and some shutter clicking is the best way to spend a weekend in my mind!

Stay tuned for next week’s details series – it might be a break from urban city scenes! 😉


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