city life: in detail 02.14.16

I hope you had a wonderfully sweet and love-filled Valentine’s Day! Ours was pretty low-key this year, since we were home all day and night with the kiddos (…yay for thai takeout!), but it was monumental in one huge way… today marks 10 years since our first date.  What? 10 YEARS?! Crazy! 🙂

10 years since we met at our first job and secretly went out to pizza and beer (no need to be fancy!) at Pub Dog in Federal Hill. We both wore pink and black and all I remember talking about is how my family went skiing in NH every year… ha, I was such a dork!

Anyway, today started and ended with some of my favorite things in life – food, drink and good company. Here’s to the next 10!

hot lattes. caramel. soy milk.


“homemade” (pilsbury) cinnamon rolls. red baking pans. perfectly imperfect icing.


little hands. geometric plates. footie pajamas at breakfast.


bright light. curled up pups.


coral and gray. handmade blankets. personalized name tags.


And, if you were the lucky recipient of something bling-y today, CONGRATULATIONS! I’d love to learn more about your story and what makes your relationship unique!


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