raquela + david | patterson park| baltimore engagement session

Less than 7 months to go until these lovebirds can call each other husband and wife! Their engagement countdown started 2 years out – it’s amazing how much time flies when you’re having fun (or in their case, successfully buying a house/moving and planning a wedding all at the same time!).

Since the Highlandtown/Patterson Park area is the first place they’ve called home together, it only made sense to start our session at one of the best urban art installations I’ve ever seen…which happens to be in their neighborhood. 🙂

Continuing our session with some of the most unique landmarks in Charm City, the pagoda in Patterson Park was our next stop. R+D were so photogenic wherever we went. I love that Dave’s presence lends itself to Raquela’s megawatt smile. every. time!

The Inner Harbor has been the site of festivals, performances, war ships, and many other memorable events over the years, but for R+D, it will simply be the place their lives changed for the better when they got engaged and started their journey towards married life! I love the sparkle in both of their eyes as they think about their future together…

You two have so much to look forward to this year! I’m so glad we had the opportunity to capture these fleeting moments together and I hope the playful energy and love that you shared with me only continues to grow stronger as your relationship gets sweeter and more established. Here’s to your October wedding at Rawlings Conservatory being full of incredibly vibrant color, intimate moments among family and memories that will carry you a lifetime. I can’t wait!

PS – Happy Birthday, R! Today’s the start of a year like no other! 🙂



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3 responses to “raquela + david | patterson park| baltimore engagement session

  1. quelbell13

    Oooh love the post!!!!!!!! Thank you!



  2. Minke

    Gorgeous pics of gorgeous people by my gorgeous photographer daughter! Love u all, Minke!!!


  3. A + N

    Yay! Glad you both enjoyed it – thanks for the compliments!!! 🙂 You both were so much fun to capture!


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