A Day in the Life: G turns 3!

I typically don’t post personal photos (especially a full blog post) of my daughter and family on this bloggity blog, but with Gabriella turning 3 this year and baby #2 coming in less than 3 months, I wanted to share my most recent personal photography project and one that I hope to continue to do more of…

Documenting an entire day from the moment we woke up to the moments right before bed was challenging, revealing and incredibly fun. The day I chose just happened to be Gabby’s actual birthday, so that’s why you’ll notice her new favorite birthday present making an appearance in 80% of the photos. 😉

Minke and Pop-Pop were here for her party the day before and due to the perfect storm of winter weather, they stayed over an extra night and read to G when she woke up, her favorite morning activity. I couldn’t think of a better way to start her day.

What would a day in our life be without a walk around the neighborhood? We just love it.

So, we definitely didn’t move here for the commercial conveniences that are a short walk away (Starbucks, Panera, ahem), but having them close  by sure doesn’t hurt our weekends! 😉 The birthday girl loves her pink cake pops.

Some of the cutest things said, the funniest faces made and the most delicious meals we’ve all eaten together as a family, have happened in this kitchen. It’s one of my favorite spaces in the house.

This. This is why we needed a house with a separate playroom…!

Social media and email checking don’t happen frequently when we’re around G (by deliberate choice)…but when she naps, it’s game on. 😛

I’m convinced Gabby is part fish…the girl doesn’t stop smiling at any point during her 30 minute swim lesson! It becomes problematic when she’s smiling so much that she swallows a gallon of water.

Such focus and determination. Wouldn’t want to let a crumb go to waste!

We’re pretty lucky. How can you complain when this little face greets you everyday?! I’m so glad I took my camera with me on every adventure over these 12 hours. Here’s to a new year of smiles together!




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2 responses to “A Day in the Life: G turns 3!

  1. Mags

    Beautiful, Suss. 🙂


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