Worldwide Photowalk…CHECK!

Have you ever heard of the Worldwide Photowalk? If not, you’re in for a treat. It’s pretty much awesome sauce for those of us that live with our cameras within arm’s reach. I wish I could say it was a trip around the world to photograph anything and everything your little heart desires (doesn’t it kind of sound like that’s what it is?)…but it’s not. Maybe one day, that will be the grand prize, for having one of your photos chosen by Scott Kelby as a winning entry. Anyway, until that happens, I’ll settle for 2-3 hours of wandering the streets, buildings and green spaces close to home, and seeing them in a completely new way.

I’ve participated for 3 years now and each year is unique and invigorating. Walking around with a group of people with the same hobby, passion for the art and interest in gear, is the best. It’s all free, fun and educational which is also what lends to the awesome sauce aspect. 🙂 What’s also really fun for is to see my growth in learning more and more each year and feeling a mastery of not only the gear but lighting, composition and perspective too.

The first year I did it was in Baltimore, at the Inner Harbor. I met a bunch of neat people and we all ate lunch together at Five Guys afterwards (yum! walk around with a heavy camera around your neck and you’ve earned a burger and those fries!). The second year I was on Long Island and walked with my Dad at Coney Island…so much fun and so much to see…

This year I was back in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon by myself but with my new Canon…it was as if everything had come full circle. The first apartment I ever lived in here was in Mt. Vernon…the first stop we made on our photo walk yesterday was at Peabody Library to wait out the rain; my mom is a huge supporter and lover of all things classical music with multiple roles in local Long Island ensembles, bands, orchestras and flute choirs, etc. and numerous students she privately teaches flute to…and the last stop we made was at the main Pratt Library branch to capture it in all its historic glory; my mom is also a librarian! So, you could say I was “alone” this time, but my family felt very close to me as I wandered through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Baltimore and had a few hours to capture what I felt makes it special. 🙂






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2 responses to “Worldwide Photowalk…CHECK!

  1. Minke

    Gorgeous photos!!! Love them all. Thanks for the tribute. Am always with you where ever you are! Love u, Minke


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