raquela + david | northern baltimore | engagement party

This party took a lot of planning, coordination and scheduling, but when the day was finally here, I couldn’t have been more excited. Well, maybe I could have if I were the bride and groom. 😉  Hosting 60 people in your backyard (and inside your home, as plan B…but luckily the weather gods were kind to us that day!) is quite the adrenalin rush…so, of course there was a balance:  the photographer in me wanted to keep snapping away while the sister + hostess in me wanted to socialize and keep the drinks flowing. 🙂

Seeing all the details come together was our favorite part. The mason jar tea light twigs were brought to you by Pinterest, but the super cheery and colorful fruit patterned tray that the water bottles sat on was from the Oh Joy! for Target line. The homegrown herb-infused water (rosemary, mint and basil) was one of Anthony’s brilliant “recipes”. Oh! And how cool are those water bottles?! They were a find we snatched up a few weeks before the party at our community yard sale (from 2 different households but so similar) for $1.50 each!

That wood crate in the above photo was being thrown out by someone down the street from us (can you believe it?!)…until Anthony spotted it in our alley and knew I would love it for a photo prop as well as general party decor. What’s that phrase? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…truer words were never spoken.

We only state the truth around here. “Alcohol: Because no great story ever started with  someone eating a salad.” 😉

Our little miss decided to play bartender for a bit…then remembered that whole being of legal age thing and went back to her thirst-quenching sippy cup full of water.

I truly believe these two should be on a magazine cover with those smiles and that sense of coordinated fashion. Isn’t she going to be the most stunning bride?!

You know how some parties employ the use of “fun” games for all attendees? Well, it’s kind of hard to play a game with 60 people. So instead, why not paint a masterpiece?! While perusing the aisles of Michaels, we noticed a 10 pack of square canvases on clearance. That’s when it hit us: everyone (some may need a 2nd or 5th glass of sangria to feel artistic, and that’s fine…) could leave their mark on these canvases for R+D to hang in their new home! We came up with a design that incorporated their appreciation for Baltimore love (of course, that meant the Natty Boh Utz girl proposal) and bordered it with their old and new street names.

Sometimes, just once in a blue moon, I get to sneak in front of the camera and have someone else take a photo of all of us. Those opportunities are few and far between, so we run with it and try to make our best funny face in the chance that G will give us a cute face and all 3 of us will look good. 27 photos later, mission accomplished. 😉

Speeches, musical performances, this party had it all.

Speaking for G, I’ll just say that every party should have a DIY smores bar…I’m not sure how many she ate, but she quickly learned the art of asking nicely, flashing her sweet smile and waiting patiently until someone handed one over. Smart girl.

Raquela and Dave, may your future be as sweet, social and spectacular as the time spent together with everyone at the party! So many wonderful memories and adventures ahead of you…the fun is just beginning… 🙂 Can’t wait for your 2015 wedding!



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4 responses to “raquela + david | northern baltimore | engagement party

  1. Mags

    Incredible job on the party, Suss! And your little family of 3 is stylin’!


  2. Naomi

    Thanks, Mags! 🙂 xoxo, miss you!


  3. Minke

    Love the commentary and pics. You both did a spectacular job!!!!! Love u from the bottom of my heart. Minke


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