raquela + dave | sherwood gardens | baltimore engagement session

These two favorites of mine have genuinely infectious smiles. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I have to also tell you that I’ve never seen tulips that were this gorgeous…every. where. I. turned.

Their love is infectious, playful, heartwarming and true.

Fact: this stunning couple is my sister and her fiancé. And there’s nothing quite like photographing your sister with the love of her life.

I may be biased (but I dare you to disagree…) when I say Raquela’s the best hostess you could ever ask for to throw a dinner party, brunch or Friendsgiving feast, the best contributor of baked goods to a backyard BBQ, faculty meeting or toddler birthday party and the most creative, engaging and compassionate teacher your child could ever dream of. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Dave is quite a lucky man. And, let’s be honest, you better keep that gym membership up my friend, since marrying Raquela means an abundance of mouthwatering treats in your future. 😉

We finish each other’s sentences and have had the pleasure of experiencing all of life’s major events one after the other by attending the same University (GO CUSE!), moving to the same city, and living 6 blocks away in both of our first homes. And god forbid we go 3 days without talking in some form or another…it’s as if I lost my right arm.

These two are destined for nothing but greatness and a social calendar like no other. Raquela has always reminded me of our grandmother Omi, who without a doubt made lifelong friendships everywhere she went: the grocery store, dry cleaner, post office…you name it, they knew her and they’d be grinning ear to ear as the conversation wrapped up whether they were acquaintances for 3 minutes or 3 months. The first time I met Dave, I saw similar qualities in him…but this time it was Raquela who had the megawatt smile plastered to her face and laughed in such a joyful, content and honest way (the Omi laugh), that I knew he was a keeper.

I can’t express how much of an honor it was to shoot your engagement photos…especially in one of my all-time favorite locations, Sherwood Gardens. Everyone should have the pleasure of walking amongst thousands of perfect tulips as spring reminds us that frozen temperatures are a thing of the past.


Your journey together is only just beginning…and I can’t wait to continue to capture it. 🙂 I love you both!!



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2 responses to “raquela + dave | sherwood gardens | baltimore engagement session

  1. Minke

    OMG. I’m crying with pride for all of you, emotion because of all you wrote and love for you and Raq being the loves of my life always. Thank you for being so talented, artistic and wonderful, ALL of you and that includes A. and G. too!! Minke


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