baltimore dog: fun in the sun!

As a dog owner and a park lover, I don’t know why I’m not a dog walker in my spare time. Oh wait, because I have none of that…spare time, that is. Love for dogs and a clean park oozes out of my pores, however. Just so we’re clear. 🙂 I’ve known Katey of Lemon Lime Event Design for almost a year now (how fast did that year fly by?!) and when she asked me to capture the Baltimore Dog Earth Day Cleanup event, I said yes in a heartbeat.

Not only did I gain a ton of new furry friends and a bunch of sun-kissed color to kickoff the spring (bonus!), but I met Brennan, the owner and founder of Baltimore Dog. After talking to her for 3 minutes, I felt like I had known Brennan for years; she constantly has a smile on her face and is so enthusiastic, fun and easygoing. It’s easy to see why Baltimore Dog is so successful!


Oxford was on a mission to enjoy the day. He didn’t have to work too hard at it. 🙂



Those are the tongues of some tired, mother earth helping pups! Small, large, curly or short haired, they were all super friendly, and ready to pose.

The bags filled up fast – to be honest, it was kinda scary to see how much trash was in and around the park on any given day. I hope this event opened people’s eyes to the trash problem in our charming little city!


Even the dogs were getting riled up about keeping their space clean and green…


I was so happy to be part of such an energetic group setting out to change the world, one path at a time! We couldn’t have asked for a better day…and I hope y’all rewarded your pups with lots of treats and water when you got home. 🙂


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