…she had her cake and smashed it too!

A funny thing happened when we gave our inquisitive, curious and hungry little girl, her own cake. She sat there and studied it. No diving in head first or smearing it all up in her hair. No icing between the toes or crumbs scattered in her lap. Nope, she chose to be the dainty lady we know and love. Except this was when messy was planned for – there were no clothes on! The floor and walls were covered! The camera was ready! A few mandatory before shots of this homemade coral colored beauty…


G has received so many wonderful keepsakes throughout the last year, it’s been so much fun trying to work them into her life! Owls have been a consistent sight from the get-go, so it only made sense to include these adorable little wise ones into her shoot. Wouldn’t ya know, they both came from her Aunt M; one of my closest friends. 🙂

Sometimes I wondered if she actually reached any of the cake. Icing does a body good…right?

Sneakin’ the big bite. 🙂

These next 2 photos are my hands-down favorite. Bright eyes, big smile and baby innocence. It doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

I don’t usually feature my daughter on the blog, but I couldn’t resist! If you’ve been a long time follower, you’ll remember her 6 month tutu photoshoot here. About 8 months have gone by now and she’s still wearing a tutu, but has lots more hair, teeth and opinions. 😉



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4 responses to “…she had her cake and smashed it too!

  1. Kiera

    I am just seeing this post!!! Love all of them!!!


  2. Mom

    What a cutie! But minkes are always prejudice!


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