Picture Perfect.

I love photoshoots that involve running between raindrops. There’s a fine line between timing it right so that you can capture the incredible light that happens when storm clouds are threatening overhead while being sure to wrap up the session before a downpour ruins everything. I also love photoshoots that involve fluffy, smiley, laid-back dogs. You know what else I love? Relationships between sisters that remind me of how close my sister and I are.

This photoshoot had all of those things. 🙂

Ty is not just any dog. He’s an adorably photogenic and focused big guy (especially while eyeing up squirrels) who is completely aware of how handsome he is. Just look at that grin.

Liz is heading back to Germany after living and working here this summer. I know how much Claire and Dan (and Ty!) enjoyed having her around…but I’m game for planning our next photoshoot in your neck of the woods, Liz. Shall we? 😉

I love moments like this. Side note: is it just me or do they look like they could be modeling for the Fall issue of Boden? 🙂 If I could, I’d buy my entire wardrobe from there.

I had a blast with all 4 of you and hope you enjoyed yourselves during our dash-through-the-park, run-for-cover, squirrel-observing photoshoot.


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