Sweet Steven.

Ohhh, to be 2 again…from the moment we spent time together, I knew this independent little guy was full of personality! But personality when you’re 2 years old means going from unsure of new people to smiley and back to serious in about as long as it takes to climb up the ladder, swoosh down the slide, run a few steps and then head for the swings.

Meeting Steven for the first time on a 100+ degree day, I had my work cut out for me…he wasn’t readily flashing big grins, but I knew if we worked at it, our time at the playground would be memorable.

I can’t get over how adorable this soon-to-be-a-big-brother-face is! Big brown eyes, super long eyelashes and rosy red cheeks from running around…quite a handsome little guy. Even with a hesitant and pensive look.

It was a joy getting to meet you, Steven! Next time we’ll have to plan to go in the pool…I’m pretty sure from the look you had on your face as we walked towards it, getting you to leave would be the hardest part. 🙂 Thanks for spending your morning with me, you’re going to be the best big brother around.


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