Laughs with Langley

After our first photoshoot at the AVAM, I knew capturing Langley was going to be one of those sessions I look forward to year after year.  She’s always ready to kick back and have some fun while we shoot and she’s totally mastered the “smile, now serious and back to smile again” look. Sidenote: a little tidbit about me, I’m completely envious of people (like Langley!) that can flash a winning smile and go right into a serious face…I am not one of those people. Maybe that’s why I love taking the photographs…? 😛

Anyway, we had a gorgeous, breezy (for once, it wasn’t 90 degrees yet!) Sunday morning all to ourselves walking around Fells Point. One of the things I noticed and love about this photoshoot is how relaxed Langley is in front of the camera!

Have a great school year, L! With your confident smile and friendly personality, you’re going to be quite the popular gal. I can’t wait to catch up in another few months…along the waterfront, of course! That’s our spot!


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