M Family: magnificent and model-worthy!

You might remember this sweet couple (that also happen to be 2 of my favorite people) from our maternity shoot a few months back…now that little H has joined the party, I was so excited to capture the 3 of them together.

Here’s where we left off:

They are the quintessential family to photograph: color-coordinated  (H’s outfit was of course the one that set the tone!), laid-back, and most impressive, their 3 month old little man did nothing but stare straight into the camera switching between smiles and serious faces. There was no fussing whatsoever. None! 3 months old. 45 minutes…this family is now Urban Row’s gold standard.

This session was bittersweet though since the M’s are moving to Germany in a few weeks! It breaks my heart to see them go (especially since our babes were born only 3 weeks apart!), but I know this is the best excuse for us to plan a trip to Germany in the future and of course, lots of incredible opportunities await them as soon as they step foot on German soil.

Baltimore won’t be the same without you 3, but we can’t wait to  hear H come back to visit with a few German phrases under his belt. Such an adorable little world-traveller-in-high-waisted-pants you’re raising. 🙂



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2 responses to “M Family: magnificent and model-worthy!

  1. Lisa

    Dyyyying! Naomi, come to CO to take photos for me!!! 🙂


    • twentyoneport

      Thanks for the sweet compliment, Lisa!! I’d love to…CO is one of my favorite places, it’s so picturesque, we’d have so much fun during a photoshoot with you guys! 🙂


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