Living It Up with Langley

When Langley’s mom contacted me about her daughter’s photoshoot, we considered a bunch of locations within Baltimore city. All of them could have been great, but the one we landed on was spot on perfection. Not only was the sun out with bright blue skies and crisp air, but the building sparkled and the water glistened. We got to walk through gardens, lean up against mosaic walls and stare at the almost-Manhattan-like-skyline.

Ok, maybe that Manhattan part is a bit of a stretch when you’re looking at Baltimore’s waterfront, but one of Langley’s favorite places to visit (and shop! my kind of gal…) is New York City, so I wanted to try to capture the spirit and spunk of this fun-loving lady combined with the funky architecture and accessible waterfront similar to New York.

We had so much fun chatting together and finding different spots to pose in…Langley was such an easy-going girl with an adorably contagious smile!

Sparkly and bright. Just like this young lady. 🙂 I hope you had fun! Thanks for the opportunity to work together!!


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