S Family: stylish and smiling!

These 3 were troopers. In fact, they deserved a hearty, warm breakfast of pumpkin pancakes on the bright and early morning of our photoshoot but instead they were greeted with a camera documenting their every move and a chill in the air. And they still managed to look incredible – they could have all easily stepped out of a Boden family catalog!

I remember taking photos of little N a few days after he was born…all he did was sleep and and make the sweetest yawning faces back then! And by back then I mean only 8 months ago. Really?! It still amazes me that over the course of just over half a year, little people can change so much (if you asked me what my biggest accomplishment was over the last 6 months it definitely wouldn’t be as exciting as discovering solid foods and attempting to become mobile)! Now he’s thisclose to starting to crawl and will absolutely keep his mommy and daddy on their toes when that day comes.

N’s mom was worried he wasn’t smiling very much since it was cold and pretty early still, but I knew he couldn’t hold out very long without flashing  a series of his signature smiles!

Thanks for being such good sports and trekking through the park with me so early on a Sunday morning! Next time we’ll take advantage of the afternoon lighting and there will be some snacks…mum-mums, perhaps? 😉


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  1. Love this beautiful family. Great shots, Naomi!


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