from bridal shower to bridal bliss.

I grew up across the street from Dan and can still remember the nights all the neighborhood kiddies would run around playing ‘manhunt’ and keeping our parents up. There were endless backyard barbeques, Nintendo games (pretending I knew where all the secret coins were) and basketball tournaments on our driveways.

It’s hard to believe we’re all grown up and married now, but I couldn’t be happier for these lovebirds. They met at Catholic U (where my husband went!) and have two of the sweetest families.

I went to Katie’s shower back in August and have a few photos I still haven’t shared yet from that! Last weekend, I was lucky to be a guest at their wedding and my camera was never far from my side. Katie looked radiant all weekend! The way Dan looked at her as she walked down the aisle, during their vows and while having their first dance was absolutely priceless.

Without further ado…

The best bridal shower sandwiches I've ever had!

As delicious as they were adorable. I may or may not have eaten two.

The moms + Katie

Such a thoughtful gift from Dan's mom, she saved the charm from their wedding and had a new one made for Katie.

Katie and her niece, the flower girl! Such a sweetie pie.

And now, the newest Mr. & Mrs. Crowley!

I don't think there will be an event I go to with my camera that I don't photograph the dessert.

How can you not smile when you see a face like hers?

The way guests found their seats - so pretty, I wanted them all.

drinks, anyone?

dancing to "you are the best thing" - ray lamontagne

the dining room was romantic, regal and beautifully refined.

Best wishes for a wonderful life together enjoying each other, your families and continuing to laugh and make memories along the way. 🙂

Check out Urban Row’s Facebook page for more photos…



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9 responses to “from bridal shower to bridal bliss.

  1. Gina Lonardo

    Naomi wow… incredible… I hope by the time Anna gets married you are still doing this and that she can have you as her photographer…


  2. You are so talented, Naomi! Thank you so much for capturing our big day!


  3. patricia morin

    Unbelievable! Thank you Naomi they are amazing photographs!
    Patti (Katie’s Mom)


  4. Maureen

    oh Naomi.. these are so great. wish i had you at our shower too. next time….;)


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