symphonic summer sounds.

A few weeks back in July (what? it’s already September?!), my sister and I took some time to enjoy one of Baltimore city’s best cultural resources, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO). Something about picnicking in a park as the sun sets while listening to music that’s fun and familiar, makes me completely appreciate and value living in such a culturally rich city. While I’m looking forward to fall weather more than I ever have before (I blame the “record heat of 2011” – even the name alone sounds uncomfortable!), I know I’m going to miss attending outdoor concerts. It’s the perfect excuse to people watch, walk through the grass barefoot and photograph the sunset at 8:30pm.

Oh, that’s just my sister, the movie star. I love how the right accessory just totally makes an outfit.

This little family was so sweet together…just sitting on dad’s lap, taking it all in.

So what summer events are you going to miss? Backyard barbeques? Strawberry picking? Wearing flip-flops and t-shirts? Beach weekends? Or how about just sipping a mojito while sitting waterside and eating a cuban sandwich (sorry if that’s too specific for ya, but in Baltimore, that’s my idea of a perfect summer brunch at Little Havana’s)! 🙂 Maybe I’ll just have to get used to pumpkins and apple cider filled farm stands as my next seasonal photo opp…bring on the hooded sweatshirt.


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