A European Holiday!

As you might have gleaned from earlier posts, my husband and I travelled to Prague for 5 days recently. It was a trip we’d both been thinking about taking for months years, actually! See, both of us studied in Europe as undergrads and wanted to visit a city neither had ever been to as well as a place that was unique and “doable” in 5 days.

Prague met our criteria and so we started planning…and booked a trip that had us leaving in 2 weeks! Ha, we love flying by the seat of our pants these days, apparently. Praha (as it’s called in the Czech Republic), is an incredible city dripping with history, texture, medieval elements and the best beer you’ve ever had. Seriously. Beer is cheaper than water, even tastier than some microbrews I love and a necessary part of each dining experience. In my opinion, the ‘P’ in Prague stands for the Pilsner they produce like its going out of style.

With photography in mind, I knew my macro lens wasn’t going to be enough. I rented a wide angle lens and it was the best decision I could have made. I’m going to have to buy that lens soon! So, without further ado, I’m excited to share some more of my favorite images from our trip.

Check Urban Row’s Facebook page for the rest of Prague’s story through my eyes!

The next Abbey Road?


Gothic architecture at its finest.

This city has mass transit down to a science.

Some of the most beautiful offices of Parliament I've seen.

Up close and personal with some peacocks...no big deal.

Old Town Square - a prime people watching spot!

Old Jewish Cemetery tombstones.

Over 12,000 tombstones, some dating as early as 1439?! Boggles the mind.

In need of an orchard cat nap.

Walking the secret tunnel of Terezin.

Street artists...a talented bunch.

St. Nicholas Church (one of 2 in the city!)

Thanks again for visiting the blog! Stay tuned for new offerings and an exciting package deal with Claire Taylor Massage!



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2 responses to “A European Holiday!

  1. CT

    I keep coming back to these photos whenever I’m in need of some good inspiration. They are so beautiful! I was so foolish for not visiting my brother while he lived in Prague. What a gorgeous city.


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