Slowly leaving vacation mode…

After 2 back-to-back vacations (or what felt like it at least…I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining), I’m refreshed, rejuvenated, missing the never-ending happy hour mindset but happy to be cooking in our kitchen again. 🙂

I’m most excited about getting caught up with editing, posting and compiling all of my photos to share with you!

As I was going through the images I took last week, I realized what’s so great about a vacation spot where relaxation is your priority. People dance. Friendly waves are exchanged. You spend time outside with the wind blowing through your hair and don’t think twice about how ‘messed up’ it looks.

And after looking through them all, bragging rights to the lucky folks that can tell me where exactly in the Sunshine State we were? I’ll give you a clue: drinks cost $2.25 a piece, maybe $5 during happy hour (but then we usually got 2-for-1). 😉

Nice to meet you...wanna play?

Line dancing. Interpreted across generations.

Nothin' says USA better than a pair of cowboy boots and a poofy red, white and blue skirt twirling around.

Trees are much neater when covered in spanish moss.

The pom-poms on the boots only add to how much I loved these cheerleaders' outfits.

Prague’s up next! Can you stand it? I know, the anticipation must be killing you…it’s only been a month that I’ve been promising these photos.


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